About The Book

Global Destination Brand ScienceWhen a destination thinks and acts like a Genuine Brand, the entire community understands what the Promise is and how they deliver the right experience. Leading destinations that deliver on their Promise to their guests, stakeholders and influencers will benefit from enhanced guest satisfaction and community support. The right strategy provides profitable pricing opportunities for the business sector as well as an enhanced community pride, tax benefits and the power of a positive experience. The key for a destination or any type of brand to become a successful Genuine Brand is to focus on providing distinctive and relevant experiences that enrich the guests’ experience and provide, positive lasting and memorable impressions. This BrandScience is applicable of any type of brand that desires to become a preferred destination in their customers’ minds.

BrandStrategy, Inc. is the Brand Advisor to the Destination Marketing Association International and advises leading destinations, ports, airports, convention centers, cities, counties, associations, visitor and convention bureaus, tourism boards and corporate brands worldwide. We have been particularly successful in correctly identifying the paradigm shift necessary for our clients to create and deliver a Genuine Brand.

Developing a Comprehensive Strategy for Your Destination’s Brand

The destination brand comes alive through our ability to guide your destination through the entire BrandScience process. Hundreds of destinations worldwide have utilized our BrandScience to achieve success. A successful destination strategy goes beyond the tourism aspect; it becomes a focal point for the entire community making strategic decisions regarding growth and development. Our proprietary process is outlined in the new Global Destination BrandScience book.

It includes Brand Insights from dozens of leading organizations and provides a practical outline for perfecting your destination’s strategy as follows:

Destination Brand Assessment

Complete an independent brand audit of a destination’s current perceptions with guests, influencers and stakeholders.


Developing a Promise for your destination which addresses three key questions:

  • What should your Brand experience be about?
  • What distinguishes your products, services and experience from your competitors?
  • What is superior about the value you offer guests, influencers and representatives?

Brand Blueprint

Develop guidelines for the destination’s communications strategy based on the conclusions from the Brand Assessment and the Promise. The Blueprint identities the strategic direction for all messaging, graphic and visual brand elements.

Brand Culturalization

A successful destination strategy goes beyond just the tourism aspect; it becomes a benchmark for the entire community to measure its success. Our proprietary culturalization process includes:

  • Buy-in and proactive participation with local government.
  • Constituent support and enthusiasm.
  • Leadership for economic growth.
  • Community consensus for providing the right experience.
  • Comprehensive Destination Promise Training Program.